Season opener training weekend

Blow away the winter blues with our post-Christmas training weekend from 9-12 January 2020. Enjoy three days of solid training to start laying down a base for the forthcoming season. A maximum number of athletes of 14 ensures a highly personal service from the coaches and support crew. The aim of the training weekend is to lay down some solid training, but also gain better knowledge on how to train smart to maximise your potential from the training time that you have.

Situated in the stunning location of Thrushell Valley in Devon, Barbaryball’s five exceptional holiday barns provide a great base for 3 solid days of training in the fantastic Devon countryside led by Coach Jim. Perfect for cycling on the challenging rolling roads of Devon with easy access to a plethora of running trails led by the owner Kristian (marathon PB 2.36!). Swimming needs are catered for in a fantastic 50m pool in nearby Tavistock.

It won’t be all training though. Each barn has its’ own hot tub for post-effort recovery. Our Michelin star trained chef (and Ironman!) Vinnie, will be on site providing delicious food designed with the nutritional needs of athletes in mind.

Lead coach Jim has been involved in triathlon for 15 years and coaching for 7. He has had a successful triathlon career having medalled at national and World Championship level. As a qualified teacher and coach he knows how to help people bring out the best in themselves and has a wealth of experience to pass on. He knows what it takes to qualify for Kona having done it twice himself. Jim doesn’t consider himself a naturally gifted athlete, but is an avid student of triathlon and considers that success is highly driven by well planned and consistent training, technical knowledge and a growth mindset. Your main event may be several months away, but the hard work starts now. An Ironman campaign is all about a consistent build up of training. Last minute panic training only leads to injury and disappointment.

Thursday 9th January

Friday 10th January

Saturday 11th January

Sunday 12th January

pm- Guest arrival from 1500 onwards 0930 Morning welcome meeting 1000 Trail run 2 hours 1000 MTB ride 2 hours (bike hire available)
  1000 Road Ride 2-3 hours (support vehicle on hand mid-ride) 1500 Swim 1 hour with underwater filming  1400 Easy run – if you still have any energy left join us on an easy run to finish off
  1430 Run  1800 Planning your season coaching talk and swim filming feedback  
  1900 Group dinner    

Nutrition is the fourth discipline of triathlon and we won’t be cutting corners on this. All food will be freshly prepared and locally sourced where possible. Our chef Vinnie has put together a varied menu of fresh and nutritious options. Vinnie is also supplying snacks in the form of his slow release energy balls with a choice of different textures and ingredients to tantalise your taste buds and satisfy even the most demanding athlete or nutritional connoisseur. Kona proven by Jim. Planned menu here.

The fantastic standard of the accommodation will really make this camp memorable. Each of the barns has its own hot tub perfect for your recovery after a tiring day. Each barn has its own kitchen, dining area and lounge so whilst the days will be busy there will be ample time for relaxing.

The accommodation is separated into 4 barns of varying sizes:


No. of rooms 

Room types 


Orchard 1 room double    
No longer available
Apple 2 rooms double twin  
No longer available
Cow 2 rooms double twin  
No longer available
Meadow 1 room double    
No longer available
Tractor 3 rooms double double twin
No longer available


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