Our team and partners for 2021


Has picked Ironman Vichy for his focus for 2021 after the disappointment of the cancellations of 2020. Aiming for an Age Group podium spot so looking to swim around an hour and then put in a sub 5 hour bike and have enough left to be under 3:25 for the run. Originally a cyclist who has competed in all disciplines, who later took up running and triathlon and found that he was quite good at it. No genetic gifts, but a hard worker who covers all the details. An avid fan of the science of endurance training. Two Kona finishes, a World Championship AG bronze and several national medals.



Also focussing on Ironman Vichy with an aim of developing his biking and running to match his pack leading swim abilities. Faced with a lack of events in 2020, Vinnie decided to set a fastest known solo ride from London to Lithuania completing the 2500km in under 6 days. When he’s not training he’s running his nutrition business Endurance by Nature and roasting his own coffee at Cycle 42 in Orpington.



Making the jump up to full Ironman distance at Ironman Copenhagen. We’re hoping she’s going to beat Jack! Harriet has come a long way in the last 12 months going from being nervous using cleats to smashing time trials on her TT bike. Harriet has a background in gymnastics and is a manager at a popular leisure centre and pool.




Joining Harriet at Ironman Copenhagen. This time we’re going to stop Jack from training himself into the ground before he hits the start line! “Goal for next year is to train smart and put in a time that reflects what I can do rather than injure and hobble round “.

Jack is also a Personal Trainer who has made the transition from strength to endurance athlete. In addition to his day job in finance Jack has been leading virtual strength and conditioning sessions during lockdown.



Goal: Kona qualification

Gareth started life as a distance runner at school after he realised he didn’t have the build to be a rugby player. He went on to represent Surrey while still a junior before going of to university, stopping running and starting racing mountain bikes. He made it from novice all the way to elite racing at European and World Cups picking up a National Championship title along the way. From there he made the natural transition to triathlon after a friend convinced him the day before a race to come and do it and he’s glad he did as he picked up a second place overall. After several good Ironman finishes he’s now getting serious with an eye on a Kona slot.


Anita has been running long distances for over 25 years and has completed over 40 marathons  including the legendary Marathon des Sables in 2017.

She’s also dabbled in a few triathlons and was aiming to complete her first half iron man distance event in 2020, but sadly COVID-19 had other ideas. She’s now back on track hoping to complete one towards the end of this year .

She works in the fitness industry as a cardiac rehabilitation instructor locally at de Stafford sports centre.


Leena is another international athlete in our squad orginally from Finland and living in the UK since 2006.

Always an active person loving cycling and hiking, but wasn’t doing anything competitive until 2014 when she decided to enter Blenheim super sprint triathlon and then was hooked even though she says her swim and run were terrible. Since then she’s done several triathlons from super sprint to middle distance. She’s also finished 3 marathons and an 50k ultra trail and other multisport events, such as swim runs.  The feeling of finishing a race is something fantastic, although during one it rarely seems like a good idea!

In 2019 she took part in Cardiff sprint tri, and from there gained a place in the ITU World Champs in Edmonton in Canada in 2020. The pandemic meant the race was postponed to 2021 October, now in Bermuda! She says she’s feeling super motivated to train, and is looking forward to see how much she can push herself with proper coaching.

Other partners

Having been long term fans of their products, we’re pleased to be an ambassador for Rotor UK. Rotor power meters and Q rings have been essential to our success.


Charlie at Cycle42 is a highly experience mechanic and visitors can enjoy one of Vinnies’ freshly roasted coffees while they wait.
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