Our team for 2020


Has picked Ironman Vichy for his focus for 2020. Will be doing numerous bike time trials in order to break the 5 hour bike barrier again. Would love to swim sub hour, but still need to be able to nail the run as Ironman isn’t won in the swim but it can be lost on the run.




Also focussing on Ironman Vichy with an aim of developing his biking and running to match his pack leading swim abilities.



Making the jump up to full Ironman distance at Ironman Copenhagen. We’re hoping she’s going to beat Jack!




Joining Harriet at Ironman Copenhagen. This time we’re going to stop Jack from training himself into the ground before he hits the start line! “Goal for next year is to train smart and put in a time that reflects what I can do rather than injure and hobble round ”

Jack is also a Personal Trainer who has made the transition from strength to endurance athlete.


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