Our coaching ethos

At Endurance Gurus we practice a coaching model that aligns athletic ambitions with busy lives. We’d all like to train like a pro, but in reality we have to work, look after family, walk the dog etc.. Our coaching is totally bespoke and focussed on giving you the maximum gain in the time that you have available.

We don’t believe in generic training plans. Everyone has different starting points, abilities, goals, preferences, opportunities and fears. Our aim is to help you attain improvement in a way that is manageable, fun and sustainable. We don’t offer cut-down training packages at a lower price point. Our model is a fully bespoke one to one service with weekly two way communication. We won’t blind you with science or promise you a get-fit-quick scheme. We’ve been involved in triathlon for over 15 years and have a broad base of experience in swimming, cycling and running. We are fans of data-driven training as a way of utilising objective data which can be analysed remotely so we can support athletes in any location. We would back this up with weekly two way communication between ourselves and the athlete. Having medalled at both national and international level and been to Kona twice we know what it takes to be successful.

We only work with a certain number of athletes to make sure that each person gets the level of support that we want to give. Our coaching partnerships always start with a personal consultation to make sure that we are a best fit for each other.

Recent feedback from one of our athletes:

Second time I have worked with Jim to coach me on an Ironman. I’m 52 years old and wanted to have another go at this epic event. Jim coached me virtually over 6 months. No question in my mind that his coaching made the difference between me limping around and what actually happened.. finished in 11:30hrs and beat my previous time by 30 min. Averaged 20mph on the bike leg. Jim monitored my weekly schedule, tailored each week to what time I had available and wrote up weekly feedback. Motivated me to push myself but in a supportive way. Great to know you can leave all the planning and training scheduling to an expert. Great value for money. Generous with his time. Would highly recommend to anyone either thinking of their first Ironman or someone wanting to improve.

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